Breathtaking Bassoon strap

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Soft, high-quality leather, suede and padding, handmade with the utmost care by Japanese craftsmen. No compromise is allowed on the design, materials, sewing, and functionality in order to maintain its quality.

The Breathtaking strap conforms to the body, helping to make the instrument feel lighter, allowing for a larger degree of freedom and tonal expression.

Designed to sit on the outer line of the shoulders, the strap frees the neck from the weight of the instrument with the auxiliary strap helping to keep the neck strap in the best playing position.

The front bar creates space around the chest preventing the neck from being squeezed.

Available in Black

Sizing is based on body size, so we typically recommend getting a strap that corresponds to your t-shirt size. For sizing guides click here.

For more detailed user videos from Breathtaking click here


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