Wiseman Wooden Tubular Bassoon Case

AUD $1,595.00

Made for the standard-cut (and Gentleman model by custom order). The extremely popular design case is now available in a new light-weight but hard wooden case. The Bassoon joints are suspending in the air with all keywork isolated without touching any part of the case. This incredibly compact case opens like a tray with no lid!.  This incredible compact case has replaceable protective velcro edging and alternative light- reflective strips including. Supplied with two leather shoulder straps and pads, as well as an A3-sized music pocket. There are two storage pockets inside the case and up to three bocals are suspended in the case for ultimate protection. Available in 5 finishes.

Size – 18cm x 20cm x 69.5cm

Weight – 2.8kg (6.3 pounds)


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