The bassoonist

‘The Bassoonist’

A lovely bassoonist from Melbourne Mr Paul Williams was recently involved in a two and a half minute short film about the bassoon. It is a beautiful little session and I wanted to share it. Here is an extract from Paul’s Blog about the making of it. 


August 1st

I have been fortunate, over the years, to gain a certain amount of recognition. I find it hard to pose for photos, unlike the younger generation who seem so comfortable in front of the lens. I have recorded some of my experiences, of photos and TV appearances and radio interviews, in some of these pages. Many of my appearances I have not even bothered to keep – I mean copies of prominent newspaper pictures and the like. It is not false modesty either.

Just when I thought it was safe to venture out again, I got a strange request – to take part in a 2

and a half minute film featuring the bassoon.

My colleague is a beginner bassoonist aged 10. He will be interviewed, followed by the contrasting end of the spectrum, me!

I will be interviewed, then change for a spot of real, live bassoon playing. “The Old man and the low C” perhaps?

And that, I hope, will be another nice little souvenir of my performing career. Excuse me while I go and prepare a reed.

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